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Sunday, February 17, 2019

  I'd like to show today a pair of 19th Century writing instruments. First off (bottom position in first picture), is a metal, silver finished pen with telescopic case. Yes, nib's or tips were referred to as pens in those days. The second piece - same material - is a slightly more conventional mechanical pencil. Both feature an inscribed United States, February 13, 1883 design patent protecting the three chased ring design. The patent assignee was Eberhard Faber (today known as Faber Castell). The pen with case in the carry position is approximately 4 1/8 inches long. Unextended and ready to write the pen is 5 3/8 inches. With full extension to write the piece is 6 7/8 inches. The pencil is a solid 4 1/8 inches long. A picture is included to show the double ended pen outside of it's case. The pen of course could have been produced by a third party.

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